• Making Memories, together!

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Freshly Prepared


Real Flavors


Healthy and Guilt Free


Reliable Delivery


100% Customer Delight

Cakes are the highlight of every celebration. In case of any dissatisfaction, the least we can do is provide you a 100% refund. No questions asked!


Code nation

"We will have to say very good customer service.  We need to make sure we do review you and make our appreciation known. Thanks team, keep up the good work!"

Vipul Sanghi, Partner


"Thanks for all the amazing food & Cakes this year. Btw New Year cake was super. Everyone loved it :). If you have a picture of it, please send me. Vivek cut it the moment it was delivered. I couldn’t even see it 🙈"

Kawaljeet Kaur, Lead HR

Reverie Language Technologies

" The cake was loved a lot. Most people asked about the flavor. So, thank you so much for doing it perfect for us. People have liked so much that Arvind (my co-founder) has sent your email to our HR to explore possibilities of having you as a preferred vendor for our celebrations."

Vivekanand Pani, Co-Founder


"The cake was superb and loved by everyone. The flavors were amazing.Thanks a lot for the experience. We will make sure that Videsi Desserts will get all our cake orders from now on."

Vishakha, Senior Engineer

Integrum Technologies

“Thanks for sending the cake. The team liked it a lot and are looking forward to the next birthday. I have recommended you to my clients. Hope they start giving you the orders.”

K. Kiran Reddy, Director and CEO