Brownies & Bars

To us, nothing says “I love chocolate” better than BROWNIES. Super moist, crispy edges, and crackly tops, filled with rich chocolate flavour is the only way to go!


Whether you like them Frosted or unfrosted? Plain or with nuts? Double Chocolate or No Chocolate? Cream cheese? Caramel? Cookie Dough? We have a variant to satisfy everyone's taste buds. Easier to eat, these rich, luxurious treats are divine when served warm out of the oven with a glass of frosty milk or hot coffee.


Be it for lunch boxes, tea parties, potluck dinners, or just for satisfying midnight dessert cravings, we have a bar for every occasion. Now available in 100% EGGLESS, 100% GLUTEN-FREE, and 100% VEGAN versions as well.