1.  What if I am a pure vegetarian and do not eat egg?

Most of our cakes have an eggless version, which can be selected under the label Dietary Preference on the product page. You can select any of the options available, based on your preference.

  • Eggless: The cake contains refined sugar and does not contain egg
  • Egg: The cake contains refined sugar and egg 
  • Natural Sweetener - Eggless: The cake does not contain refined sugar and egg
  • Natural Sweetener - Egg: The cake does not contain refined sugar and contains egg.
  • Best Eggless Cakes in Bangalore

    Our eggless cakes are just as moist and delicious as our cakes with egg, if not better.


     2.   What if I do not understand your menu and it is difficult to choose a Cake?

    To understand our cakes, you just need to focus on two things in the name and description of every cake:

    Flavor: We understand we have a lot of unique and new cake flavors. To make it simple to understand, every cake's name includes the name of the two flavors it is made of or the name of the most popular dessert they are inspired from.

    For eg: All the elements in a Fresh Strawberry and Hazelnut Cake are flavored with either strawberries or hazelnuts, whereas a Gulab Jamun Cheese Cake has all the flavors in a gulab jamun.

    Choose a flavor just by reading the names of the cake.

    Frosting Type: The kind of cream used for frosting the cake is the second most important thing for making a decision. We use 5 different types of frostings/fillings in our cakes. All of them are perfectly balanced in terms of flavors and sweetness. 

    • Chocolate Ganache: Mix of 70% dark couverture chocolate and fresh cream, this frosting is a favorite amongst all chocolate lovers, especially kids.
    • Buttercream: Combination of butter and sugar whipped together with chocolate, house-made jams, nut butters, is our most dynamic frosting. Rich and flavorful, it is always a hit amongst all the adults.
    • Cream Cheese Buttercream: House-made cream cheese is whipped with butter and sugar to create this rich buttercream with a slight tang. Used in our most popular cake flavors like Red Velvet, Gulab Jamun, Rasmalai Tres Leches, Pineapple, etc.
    • Fresh Whipped Cream: A very light and fluffy frosting made by whipping heavy cream. Lightly flavored with nut butters, it is the perfect topping for fresh fruit cakes. When you do not know your audience that well, this is the frosting you should go for, as it is loved by majority of people.
    • Cream Cheese Whipped Cream: House-made cream cheese is whipped with fresh cream and sugar to create this light and slightly tangy frosting. 


       3.  What if I find your cakes expensive?

      Most of the bakeries’ online menu on Swiggy and Zomato has default pricing for a 500 gm cake, by weight. Our minimum selling cake size is 1000 gm, by weight. Our customers often do an unfair comparison between our price for 1000 gm cake with another baker’s price for 500 gm cake. For fair comparison, please find some of the most popular bakeries in Bangalore mapped against their average price for 1000 gm cake, by weight. 

      Best Cake Price in Bangalore


       4.  What if we are only a few people and a 1000 gm cake might go to waste? 

      Average Size of a Cake Slice in India

      To give a fair sense of size, a 1000 gm cake from Videsi Desserts is 6 inch in diameter and provides ~8 normal sized slices, when cut neatly. 

      Our cakes are prepared within 24 hours of the scheduled delivery and stay fresh much longer than any other store bought cake. You can refrigerate it in an airtight container and savour it slowly for a couple of days.


       5.  What if I stay far away from your store and cannot come for pickup?

      We have an extremely reliable, inhouse four wheeler delivery service that ensures every cake reaches its destination in perfect condition. Our drivers are trained to drive with minimum jerks and are instructed to keep the air conditioning on, at all times.

      Scheduling deliveries during off-peak hours has also enabled us to deliver cakes in most parts of Bangalore.


      Four Wheeler Cake Delivery

      What if I do not want to pay for the four wheeler delivery and would rather prefer a third party delivery service?

      Cakes are the highlight of any event and more often than not, there are no backups planned. To deliver such a high risk product using third party delivery services in Bangalore’s unpredictable traffic, rains and bad roads, is like setting ourselves for failure. 
      All our cakes are baked fresh and are fragile. They need to be transported with utmost care in a temperature controlled environment. We have found that a fully air conditioned four wheeler with a trained driver, is the BEST mode of transport for all our cakes. 

      Videsi Desserts Four Wheeler Cake Delivery
      However, by choosing "Pickup" during the checkout process, you can get your cake picked up by any third party delivery service but WE CANNOT BE HELD LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGE THAT OCCURS IN TRANSIT.


       7.  What if I do not like the cake after it has been delivered?

      Our #1 priority at Videsi Desserts is your happiness. Which means we stand by our product 100%, no matter what. If you have a problem, we will solve it: Give you store credits, refund it, whatever it takes.

      Zero Risk Cakes - 100% Money Back Guarantee

      Just drop us a note here. We are here for you. Happiness Guaranteed.