The core of our existence!


Like you, we care about how the goods we buy were made and about who made them. By choosing a local business that heeds transparency in all ingredients, you can make a difference, know that your goods were made ethically and that your purchase supports a greater cause. To Videsi Desserts, that means using real butter, never margarine. Real chocolate, and never fake substitutes. Real products made by us by hand and never brought in to display as our own.


Because Videsi Desserts uses from-scratch ingredients and handcrafts every item, no two pieces are exactly alike. Each piece is unique, just like your celebration. Your personality and style reflect what your desserts should be. We have a certain style and aesthetic that is original to us, and recognizable in the piping and decorating techniques we use. 


We think food carries the feelings of the person who prepared it. As one of our best food memories are of a home-cooked meal, prepared with love. Keeping that in mind, we create a happy and comfortable work environment by inspiring stability, fostering work-life balance, and recognizing our team's efforts every day.