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Almond Joy Coconut Cake

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Base: Coconut Chiffon Sponge

Filling: Milk Chocolate Ganache, Almond and Coconut Pudding

Frosting: Almond White Chocolate Mousse

Garnish: Coconut Moss

Star Element: House-made Almond Joy Bars

All the cakes need to be handled carefully as they are freshly baked and fragile. Due to unreliable roads, weather, and traffic conditions, we have started an in-house four-wheeler delivery service that ensures every cake reaches its destination in perfect condition. Our drivers are trained to drive with minimum jerks and are instructed to keep the air conditioning on, at all times.

Our delivery fee varies based on the delivery distance from our store in HSR Layout

INR 50/- only, for distance up to 3 km 

INR 145/- only, for distance between 3 km to 12 km 

INR 295/- only, for distance greater than 12 km up to 18 km

You can also choose to pick up your cake from our store in HSR Layout, but we cannot be held liable for any damage that occurs in transit.

Please note we require atleast 2 days' notice for all orders unless you have checked with us first.

1200 grams | feeds approx. 10-12 pax
2200 grams | feeds approx. 18-20 pax
3200 grams | feeds approx. 28-30 pax
4200 grams | feeds approx. 38-40 pax

This cake has no added preservatives or unhealthy chemicals. All the elements are freshly prepared from scratch, using best available ingredients, within 24 hours of the scheduled delivery.

Refrigerate and consume it within 48 hours of the delivery/pickup.